There is a phrase known in most parts of the world as "Boots on the Ground," but in the state of North Carolina, we are "Heels On Parade." Of course, the former is most notably in reference to soldiers as they serve domestically and abroad to protect their respective countries. According to one of the more well-known legends regarding the nickname of our State and its inhabitants, some centuries ago, the same may have been true of the men and boys of North Carolina, personifying “Heels On Parade” and never leaving the battlefield, even when all odds were against them. We all know there is no parade when it comes to war or the necessity of it.  But fast forward to our current environment:  North Carolina is one of the leading states in our union when it comes to education, research, innovation, and beauty. From our crystal coasts on the Outer Banks, to the scenic vistas of the Blue Ridge Mountains, to our steadfast history - nothing compares. So, when you rock your HOP gear with pride, shout “Heels on Parade!”, or stamp your little one’s feet upon your canvas (Coming Soon!), know that greatness is ahead, because we come from a great place.

All the Best, and Heels On Parade!